Versions history

Version Date Description Applies to (Beta) 2022/01/08

New: PSSetImageQuality - Sets images quality in PDF files
New: PSPrintPDF - Prints a PDF file silent or with printerdialog
New: PSSignPDF - Digitally signs PDF file
New: PSExport2PDF - Export PDF file to text file
New: PSSetHyperlinks - enable or disable hyperlinks in PDF file ( www/mail )
New: External PDF viewer ( replacement for old Preview )

All 2019/07/25

Fixed several small bugs (Thanks to Michael Hagl for reporting) , running at several clients without any issues.

All (Beta) 2018/05/21

New: PSSetPWTopMost
New: PSUnicodeChar - Prints a Unicode character at position X,Y using parameters
New: PDF/A output

All (Beta) 2017/12/23

New: Extra barcode's and QRCode ( PSQrCode)
New: PSSetPDFEncoding
New: PSSetPDfEmbeddedFonts
New: PsSetPDFVersion
Fixed : Preview and printer output was not scaled right on ms-Surface laptops and on new Windows 8 and 10 systems when scaling (DPI) was not 100% ( Thanks to Michael Hagl for reporting )
Fixed: PSSetPWZoomLevel was using values set ( Thanks to jimmy for reporting )
Fixed: PDF Patterns now work
Fixed: Fill color in PSFrame was not working. (Thanks to Grigory Filatov for reporting )
Fixed: PsSetUnit was not reset to its default values ( Thanks to Grigory Filatov for reporting )

All (Beta) 2017/10/02

New : Rewrite of PDF engine, it now support metric font sizes
Fixed : Issue when aborting Preview screen

All 2012/09/17

Fixed : PSGetTextHeight() works now in APS_PIXEL unit.

All 2012/09/14

New : Added new function PSIsPreviewVisible() that returns True if the Print Preview Window is visible. Otherwise, returns False.
Fixed : PSGetTextWidth() works now in APS_PIXEL unit.
Fixed : Function PSBarcode() and method Barcode() now supports the new lVertical parameter

All 2012/02/20

Fixed : ASCII to Unicode characters conversion works now.
Fixed : xBase++ and xHarbour constants for page orientation changed in PSCRIPT.CH.
Fixed : Preview.pas - Scroll wheel now scrolls correctly.
Enhanced : Scroll wheel support in Print Preview Window. The document no longer gets out of the viewport when scrolling using the mouse wheel.
Enhanced : Up and Down arrow keys now scrolls a page in the Print Preview Window, when the vertical scrollbar is shown.
Enhanced : PSSetPWZoomLevel() now accepts values of -1 (Adjust to show full page) and -2 (Adjust to page width) - Only if not in Auto mode.

All 2012/02/15

New : Complete rewrite of the PDF engine, Print Preview System, Print engine and Barcode engine.
New : PageScript 32 now internally uses Unicode character encoding but still only accepts ANSI strings (8 bit characters).
> New : PSBarcode now supports 90 degree rotation (counter clockwise).
New : Added scroll wheel support in print preview window.
New : Ctrl + Scroll wheel now zooms in and out in print preview window.
New : New state added to print preview (PWS_AUTO). The Print Preview Window automatically saves and reuses its state, size, position and zoom level. All these settings are stored in the Registry. See PSSetPWState() for more information.
New : New function to control the colors of the Print Preview Window in order to match your color scheme. See PSSetPWColors() for more information.
New : The Print Preview Window can now be controlled using the mouse and the keyboard (see documentation).

Fixed : File extension for emf files
Fixed : Frame Radius when printing in PDF
Fixed : Ellipse now prints in PDF documents
Fixed : #xcommands for printing bitmaps
Fixed : PSetPWState() with parameter PWS_NORMALCENTERED didn't work

All 2011/09/14

This version of PageScript 32 inroduces 5 new functions to control the most important aspects of the Print Preview Window. The new functions are :

PSSetPWBounds() - Sets the position and size of the preview window.
PSSetPWPosition() - Sets the position of the preview window.
PSSetPWSize() - Sets the size of the preview window.
PSSetPWState() - Sets the initial state of the preview window.
PSSetPWZoomLevel() - Sets the initial zoom level of the preview window.

Fixed : Every functions in the demo programs now set the unit of measurement to be used.

All 2011/04/12

New function : PSSetPDFOwnerPassword() in order to protect the content of PDF files created with PageScript 32
Fixed : Print preview now keeps track of the orientation and number of copies of the print job.
Fixed : KeepRatio is now working properly in PSBitmap(). When this parameter is set to True, the image is automaticaly scaled to fit the region while maintaining the proportions of the image.

All 2010/03/31 Added function PSSetDirectPrint(). This function lets start a new print job without setting the paper, bin, size, copies and so on... All 2009/10/26 Fixed PSSetPageSize() to accept user defined paper sizes. All 2008/10/06 Fixed Xerox support. All 2008/09/19

Fixed a problem in page size and orientation functions.

All 2008/04/16 Fixed AsciiToAnsi problem in PSTextBox() All 2008/02/25 Fixed problem with Underline in EMULATION mode
Changed call oemToAnsi() to oemToChar() in TextOut()
All 2008/01/21

Raised PDF internal resolution from 72 to 245 dpi for better PDF output and support for small line thickness values (less than 1 point)

Fixed a problem in Print preview. Was always printing to the default printer if PSGetDefaultPrinter() was called

Fixed a problem with the print preview window that always showed behind other windows in certain circumstances.

Fixed problem when returning printer names with AsciiAnsi conversion et set to TRUE.

All 2007/11/19 Introduced new unit of measurement (APS_CLIP), compatible with PageScript for Clipper's APS_TEXT and modified PSSetRowCol() found in TPSCRIPT.PRG. More informations can be found in this guide.

Fixed problems when printing foreign characters.

Fixed crash problems with Windows 98se (Kernel32.dll errors)

Last version supporting Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98se, Windows Me and Windows NT. Starting from now, only Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista are officially supported.

All 2007/09/22 Internal revision only, never released to public. 2007/09/03 Fixed problem with greek characters in PDF files (1st attempt) 2007/07/10 Fixed problem related to default paper size and other parameters when PSSetPrinter() is called All 2007/03/18 Added EMF file creation instead of print preview when DEV_EMFFILE is used All 2007/02/14 Added PDF support to PageScript 32 All 2006/12/14 New version of DLLCall.c used with PageScript 32 ( [x]Harbour only ) All 2006/11/13 Added PSPrintPreview() function call and integrated a new buit-in print preview system. Plus a few minor internal changes and enhancements. All 2006/09/12 Complete rewrite of PSPrintFile().

Fixed a problem when calling the following functions before PSPrintDialog() :
PSSetCopies(), PSSetDuplex(), PSSetOrientation(), PSSetPaperBin() and PSSetPaperSize().

Fixed the border size problem in PSTextBox().

The PaperSize is no more reseted to DMPAPER_LETTER after each print job.

All, except for PSPrintFile() and PSTextBox() which applies only to Xbase++ and [x]Harbour. 2006/09/06 Added a new function/memthod - PSSetClipperComp(). See function description for details. Xbase++ and [x]Harbour. 2006/09/06 First release of PageScript 32 All