Printer capabilities

Windows printer caps (most used)

Constant Value Description
HORZSIZE 4 Horizontal size in millimeters
VERTSIZE 6 Vertical size in millimeters
HORZRES 8 Horizontal width in pixels
VERTRES 10 Vertical height in pixels
LOGPIXELSX 88 Logical pixels per inch in X
LOGPIXELSY 90 Logical pixels per inch in Y
PHYSICALWIDTH 110 Physical Width in device units
PHYSICALHEIGHT 111 Physical Height in device units
PHYSICALOFFSETX 112 Physical Printable Area x margin
PHYSICALOFFSETY 113 Physical Printable Area y margin

Printer caps array position for XBase++ and [x]Harbour only

Constant Value Description
APC_PAPERWIDTH 1 Paper width
APC_PAPERHEIGHT 2 Paper height
APC_AREAWIDTH 3 Printable area width
APC_AREAHEIGHT 4 Printable area height
APC_TOPMARGIN 5 Top margin
APC_LEFTMARGIN 6 Left margin
APC_HPIXELS 7 Number of horizontal pixels per inch
APC_VPIXELS 8 Number of vertical pixels per inch
APC_BITSPIXEL 9 Number of bits per pixel (1 = B&W printer)