Welcome to PageScript 32, the most advanced Windows printing system available for 32 bits programming languages, developed by AbeeLabs Systems Inc and now owned by Pagescript32.com.
Thanks to Stephan St-Denis from Abeelabs Systems Inc. for creating this great library.

We will try and support the latest version and will make it soon available for free at this website for registered users.

PageScript 32 is used by programmers all around the world to create forms, reports, lists, labels and more.

Regardless of your background or the variety of documents you intend to produce, PageScript 32 has the tools you need to build superior programs, in less time than ever.

What is PageScript 32 ?

PageScript 32 is a set of functions and procedures contained in a 32 bits DLL, compatible with all 32 bits programming languages. Applications using PageScript 32 are then able to print to any printer, fax and other Windows printing devices, no matter if it is a network printer, a local printer or a windows only printer.

This installation of PageScript 32 also comes with functions, procedures and classes wrappers for (x)Harbour.




PageScript 32


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