The Print Preview Window

The Print Preview Window lets your user preview a print job before it's sent to a physical printer.

PageScript 32 Print Preview window

Controlling the position, size and zoom factor

You can control the position, size and state of the window by calling the appropriate functions/methods :

PSSetPWState() (Enhanced)

Introduced in V

If you'd like the Print Preview Window to retain its state, position and size automatically, call PSSetPWState(PWS_AUTO) at program start, but after calling PSInit().

Controlling the colors (new in V

You can also control some of the colors used in the window to match your application's color scheme :


Tollbar buttons

When the Print Preview Window is shown, your user uses the toolbar buttons located at the top of the window to :

Using the mouse (new in V

Your user may control the vertical scrollbar using the scroll wheel of the mouse.

Pressing the Ctrl key and scrolling teh mouse wheel controls the zoom factor.

Using the keyboard (new in V

Some parts of the Print Preview Window may be controlled using the keyboard. Here's a liste of the available keys and they do :