PSSetPrintPreview() - (Obsolete, see PSSetDevice())


Function PSSetPrintPreview(lPreviewMode)




This function is deprecated and should not be used. It's still supported for compatibility purpose only.

Call PSSetPrintPreview() to set or remove the Print Preview flag. You should call this function before starting a new print job. When the flag is set, PageScript 32 will capture the document output and build a print preview. The print preview internal resolution is fixed at 600dpi. When PSEndDoc() is called, instead of sending the print job to the printer, PageScript 32 shows a Print Preview window  (see image). The user then have the choice to view each page, zoom in and out and print the document. The Print Preview window uses an interface that doesn't require any text translation, thus fitting perfectly any language. The window caption is the document title.

PageScript 32 Print Preview window


lPreviewMode Pass TRUE to set Preview Mode on and FALSE to set it off. After a print job, the lPrintMode flag is reset to off.