Function PSSetCPI(nCPI)


The old value.


Call PSSetCPI() to set the number of CPI (Characters Per Inch) to be used when calling PSTextOut() and working with the APS_TEXT unit of measurement. This enables you to simulate a DOS printer output. For best results, you should print using "Courier New". Calling PSSetCPI() automatically sets the font size to simulate the correct CPI.

Not all printers use the same number of CPI when printing in condensed mode. PageScript 32 simulates condensed mode by printing at approximately 17 CPI.


nCPI Any of the following values.

Value Description
8 8 CPI
10 10 CPI (Standard printer character spacing)
12 12 CPI (Another popular printer character spacing)
15 15 CPI
16 16 CPI (Simulates compressed. Same as 17)
17 17 CPI (Simulates compressed. Same as 16)
18 18 CPI (Some DOS printers supports 18 CPI)
20 20 CPI (Some DOS printers supports 20 CPI)