Function PSPrintEmuFile(cFileName, lDelete, nPrinter, cTitle, nOrientation, nCopies, cFont)
TPageScript:PrintEmuFile(cFileName, lDelete, nPrinter, cTitle, nOrientation, nCopies, cFont)


A logical value indicating if the file could be printed or not.


PSPrintEmuFile() is automatically called by PageScript 32 when calling PSEndEmuDoc() and is normally not used directly. It's available for compatibility with PageScript for Clipper (c).


cFileName Name of the EMULATION file to print.
lDelete Tells PageScript 32 to delete or keep the file after completing the print job.
nPrinter Printer number on which the print job is to be sent.
cTitle Title of the print job.
nOrientation Orientation of the document. Valid values are APS_PORTRAIT and APS_LANDSCAPE
nCopies Number of copies.
cFont Font to be used. Normally, Courrier New (APS_COURRIER) is used.