Procedure PSBeginEmuDoc(nPrinter, cTitle, nOrientation, nCopies, cFont)
TPageScript:BeginEmuDoc(nPrinter, cTitle, nOrientation, nCopies, cFont)


An error code or 0 if the call is successful.


PSBeginEmuDoc() starts a new EMULATION (interpreted) print job. Instead of printing using GDI functions, EMULATION printing means that you print using PSEUDO codes on a virtual printer. PageScript 32 then translate those codes to GDI calls. Using this method is the fastest way to port old Clipper (c) applications to either xHarbour or Xbase++ but is also the slowest of the three supported modes, because of the translation.


nPrinter The printer number to print. Pass 0 or NIL to print on the default printer.
cTitle Title of the document.
nOrientation Orientation of the document. APS_PORTRAIT or APS_LANDSCAPE are accepted. Defaults to APS_PORTRAIT.
nCopies Number of copies to print. Defaults to 1.
cFont Font name to be used. Defaults to APS_COURIER, which is the recommended font for this mode.