Function PSBarCode(nTop, nLeft, cCode, nHeight, nThick, lPrintText, nType)
TPageScript:BarCode((nTop, nLeft, cCode, nHeight, nThick, lPrintText, nType)




PSBarCode() lets you print barcodes directly from within your application. Two different types of barcodes are supported : 3 of 9 and 128B. These types of barcodes proved to be the mostly used all around the world. The function lets you control the height of the barcode and the thickness of the lines. You have the choice to print or not the text/code represented by the barcode.


cTop, cLeft Top and Left coordinates of the barcode, expressed in the currently set unit.
cCode The code to print. Must follow the rules of the barcode used. Code 3 of 9 only accepts characters A - Z and numbers 0 - 9 plus certain characters. Code 128B supports the full ASCII 127 code.
nHeight Height of the barcode expressed in points. One point equals 1/72 inch. The point unit is frequantly used in the printing industry. To obtain a 1 inch height barcode, you would pass 72. The default is 36 points (1/2 inch).
nThick The thickness is the width of the smallest bar of the barcode. The value is expressed in points. A one point thick bar is generally the best and is the default value. This value is passed as a PSINT.
lPrintText Indicates if the human readable code must be printed directly under the barcode or not.
nType Barcode type. You have two choices. See below.

Barcode types

Constant Value Description
APS_BC39 1 3 of 9 (Default value)
APS_BC128 2 128B