PageScript 32 for (x)Harbour - Download section

08.01.2022 - Beta update :

- PDF signing for new and existing PDF files
- PDF printing from code and new preview window
- New preview window which can be used seperate or used non-modal from PS

Beta version

Please try this new Pscript32 version

We did have great help from another Xharbour user Michael Hagl at Computer-Software Hagl GmbH with testing and reporting bugs.
This is a full version,please try and report any issues/bugs found

Please see the TSCRIPT.PRG for the new functions at this time.

Enjoy !

Download full version
Download Demo TipSSL version which fixes some issues with SMTP server not accepting TLS_v1.1 but only 1.2 and 1.3
Included are the OpenSSL DLL and libs needed to replace the orginale TipSLL.lib from


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